How we ship:

We use NZ Post and  Aramex (formerly Fastway). We have a range of different products which require different methods of packaging and shipping.

We use two methods of courier packaging:

  1. A5 satchel – can fit a 500ml spray bottle, or a 1L container,
  2. Various sized boxes – new and recycled wherever possible, for all other products.

All containers which carry 1 litre or more are Jerry containers and are fitted with Dangerous Goods Approved lids, or for the 1 litre only, a CFC Dangerous Goods Approved lid (childproof). All other containers are fitted with red TE (tamper evident) Dangerous Goods Approved lids. These containers are robust, durable and safe and can be recycled or reused after suitable cleaning.

Our pistol-grip spray bottles come with a spray attachment with an on/off nozzle for safety.

All of our containers are new, but we occasionally use recycled materials such as cardboard boxes if we can/have on hand. We encourage you to recycle all of the packaging and containers if possible.

Shipping to Australia:

Shipping to Australia ranges between $46-$64NZD for a 2L, 4L or 5L container, no matter where you are. This is cost price with Aramex. If you want to place an order for our unique waterproofing products, please contact us via email: We will need your email address and physical address in full (including state and postcode) so we can calculate the fright cost. We will also need a contact phone number. This is required by Aramex.

We will then process a consignment note which will be emailed to you. Payment can be made from our email invoice, or we can email you an invoice from PayPal if you like.

Once you have placed your order, we will process it the same day and have it picked up by Aramex. Aramex takes this directly to Auckland Airport and clears NZ customs there. The processing then begins the next day from Auckland Airport. This is classed as the first day of processing. Documentation is processed, organised and sorted for freight to Australia. You will receive daily updates via email as to the progress of your delivery.
Generally, if you are at your delivery address, there will not be a problem. If you are not present at the delivery address, a card to call will be left behind to arrange redelivery.

New Zealand GST will be removed from the NZ sale price, which is 15%. As this is an export transaction, there is no GST payable on the freight.