Tent Magic Canvas Waterproofing

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Tent Magic is a liquid waterproofing product for all cotton canvas materials (such as tents and horse covers etc.)

This is a water-based proofer which is applied to the exterior or outside component of the fabric, which is subjected to the elements and weather, much the same as painting a house or a fence.

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Tent Magic provides protection for cotton canvas items. It is a proven high-quality waterproofer, and has a mold and mildew inhibitor built in. As cotton canvas ages, it becomes porous, and modern water proofings fail to restore the necessary body of the fabric to ensure a full water repellent finish.

Using this water-based waterproofer helps fill failure points in the fabric and leaves a waterproof, breathable finish. Tent Magic dries leaving a whitewash effect on the fabric. This is the wax emulsion which is the waterproofer itself.

IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE: some of the canvas products on the market today such as boat covers, outdoor furniture covers and horse covers, are synthetic or acrylic canvases. The common name for this type of fabric is Planasol. It looks and feels like canvas, but it is not. Tent Magic will not work on these products, but we have Tent Magic Ultra which is suitable for synthetic and acrylic materials, as well as all canvases fabrics and blends.

Before ordering, please ascertain what fabric you need to waterproof. If this is not possible then here is a way you can check the type of fabric:

If possible, take a small, hidden, spare sample of the fabric and light it – if it burns, it is canvas. If it smoulders, it is acrylic or synthetic.

All Tent Magic waterproofers are water-based, and have no toxic or harmful chemicals in them, and are completely safe to use for all of your waterproofing needs, such as your family tent.

So, there you have it, TENT MAGIC, 100% Kiwi technology. Please refer to our waterproofing guides and product guides for application, costs, and coverage.

NB: When dry, Tent Magic and Tent Magic Poly will leave a whitewash effect.


Each litre should cover up to an estimated 6 square metres (maximum). Waterproofing depends on the fabric’s age and condition. The fabric must be clean, dry and free of mold, and there should be no surface materials on the fabric (such as prior waterproofing treatments) which will impede Tent Magic’s performance and bonding ability.

Please do not waterblast your tent or horse covers. This will damage the fabric. Please do not use acid or bleach cleaners, such as 30 Seconds, if your item is dirty. These types of cleaners or mold killers are not good for the fabric and will harm the integrity of the fabric, rendering it most likely not able to be waterproofed.

Tent Magic can be applied by brush, roller or swab. It could also be sprayed on, however you will need a sprayer which can deal with a viscous fluid, and you cannot use a used garden or backpack sprayer with which you’ve sprayed weedkiller or other chemicals. Use a brush to apply a good coating to seams, and ideally apply in favourable climatic conditions, such as a nice, fine day with a bit of a breeze. Drying and curing will take up to an hour. There are no noticeable odours or smells from applying Tent Magic, and you can use the tent or cover etc immediately when dry.

Instructions are on the back of the container and are easy to read and follow. Do not dilute this product with water or any other liquid.

Safety precautions: wear protective clothing and gloves. If on skin, thoroughly wash off with running water. If in eye, thoroughly flush for not less than 10 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical advice. If swallowed, seek medical attention. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Eye irritant.

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